Roots, Raíces, Racines

For Raices (Roots), the artist used drawing as a medium that gave her the freedom to escape the rigid rectangle of a photograph and embrace installation as a threshold to an experience that engrosses the viewer and that suggests the notion of infinity that she addresses in her work. Thus, trapped in the midst of nature, the individual merges with it and leaves aside any personal attributes. Tabora’s work also underlines environmental concerns such as the effect we humans have had in depleting, destroying and polluting large portions of our planet. Yet her work also reflects upon possible bridges, latitudes and connections, by using geographically diverse species of trees and plants in poetic correspondence, as a way to speak universally about the magnificence and preponderance of nature above all that is human. Tabora’s medium and large scale manipulated photo-collages, as well as her straight black and white photographs, trace a path back to a moment when humankind and the natural world were implicitly united. Her work thus offers a reflection about how mapping nature can be a metaphor for discovering ourselves, in an infinite and poetic way. For Raíces, her first solo exhibition in Budapest, Tabora’s main intention is to create a natural map of the senses, a re-reading of human ontological issues, of the traces in which we meld with our natural space, and the life within.

Amalia Caputo

Reinvented Treecarlatabora_reinventedtree

Reality-Spirit I


Reality-Spirit II


Reality-Spirit III



Interior Photographed by Tomas Opitz

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