Carla Tabora

“My late work is about personal territories. I photograph my surroundings to create a metaphor for the invisible. I feel like a nomad, in a life where space is interiorised. I create a personal geography intertwining landscapes from different parts of the globe.”

Carla Tabora, an artist whose life has been spent in a variety of lands and languages, has produced a body of work which comes across as a dialogue between different parts of the world. Through photography and painting she has built up a narrative of subtlety, rhythm and luminosity, akin to that of a poem. The central metaphor of that poem is the tree in its representation of life. Words reverberate round this multilingual, mestizo text, echoing through the naturalness of all these solidly structured images.

Rosario Peiro


French school, Caracas – Venezuela (1969- 1983)

IDD, design institut Neumann Foundation(Caracas, Venezuela)(1983-1987)

Drawing, Museum of fine arts (Caracas- Venezuela) prof: Mieteck Dietiniecky (1988)

Etching, Galería Félix (Caracas- Venezuela) prof: Ina Bainova(1989)

Painting Workshop Josep Maria Cabané y Joan Pallarès, (Barcelona, Spain)(1992-1993)

Photography Workshop, “La fotografia como vector de la experiencia”(photography as vector of experience), Prof: Eugènia Ortiz Antoranz – Elisabet Puig, Escola Massana (Barcelona, Spain) (2010)


Art in the IFB (french institut of Barcelona) (2008- 2012)

Portrait workshop in the Bfis (Benjamin Franklin InternationalSchool (2010)

Art Shows:

1994 group exhibition, La Santa cultural center, Barcelona, España

1997 group exhibition,La Santa cultural center, Barcelona, España

1999 Solo exhibition, Armand Shummer space, Barcelona, España

2000 Solo exhibition, la sala Nueva Galería (Celarg Foundation) Caracas, Venezuela.

2001 Instalation, Yataki Madrid, España.

2003 group exhibition, BAC 2003 festival (barcelona Arte Contemporáneo)

2004 Solo exhibition, Espacio Mandalay. Barcelona, España

2005 Solo exhibition, Brazil- Venezuela cultural institut, Caracas,Venezuela

group exhibition- espai B Gallery. Barcelona, España

Solo exhibition espai Tuset 13. Barcelona, España

“Three artists at CDM”, Miami, design district ,Art Basel, USA.

2006  group exhibition, artists books- Fotonauta Gallery.

Solo exhibition, fotonauta Gallery, Barcelona

2007  Solo exhibition, Yataki, Madrid

group exhibition “Art in the garden” Cycas Gallery, Barcelona

2008  group exhibition “Otoño” Centro Cultural San Isidro, Tenerife

Solo exhibition, Centro Cultural San Isidro, Tenerife

Solo exhibition, Hotel Abama, Tenerife

2009  group exhibition Galeria Art Nites, Barcelona

2010  group exhibition Galeria Art Nites, Barcelona

Solo exhibition, Olokutti space, Barcelona

2011  group exhibition, Rosmolen museum ,  Doetinchem, Holland

group exhibition, Dharmakaya center, Barcelona

2012  group exhibition “Encuentros” “ontmotingen” 2012 Rosmolen Museum,

Doetinchem, Holland

group exhibition, deebee gallery, Barcelona

Contest Sintesi FAD (fomento de las artes decorativas), Barcelona

Mail art “això és un Circ” Centre cívic la Barceloneta, Barcelona

group exhibition,  Art gestion Lab “amics de la Unesco” Barcelona

group exhibition, art gallery Hispanico, Uitnodiging Kunstweek, (Art week) Holland

2013  group exhibition “doble sentido”, La casa del libro, Barcelona, Spain

Aragon 232 Gallery, Contemporary art fair Innsbruck, Austria

group exhibition, Aragon Gallery 232, “expresiones femeninas”

Festival miradas de mujer 2013

group exhibition Centro cultural Barradas “art en Femení”

l’Hospitalet, Barcelona, Spain

Aragon 232 Gallery, Beijing international art fair, China

Solo exhibition, Galería Desig(n) Andorra La vella, Andorra

2014 Solo exhibition, Talleres abiertos de Gracia 2014, Spain

Solo exhibition, TOBE Gallery, “Raíces” Budapest, Hungary

group exhibition, Art Market Budapest, TOBE Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2015 group exhibition “WEARTE” Poznan, Poland

Open studios gracia 2015

group exhibition, “Inquietudes” Aragon 232 Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2nd price photography contest curated by Barbara: “women and beauty”

group exhibition “Blu”, TOBE Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

group exhibition “9 topics” curators Marina Font y Amalia Caputo, Girls club, Fort Lauderdale, Miami

“Panoramamix” Juan Prado Cultural Center, Madrid

“Nosotras, Arte contemporáneo” Barcelona

2016 group exhibition “Los espacios de la memoria” Sala Fenix, Barcelona

Tallers oberts de Barcelona 2016, Galeria Untitled

group exhibition “Miradas esenciales” White summer Festival 2016 curated by Carla Tabora, Pals Girona

2017 9TOPICS final exhibition, Arthill Gallery, Londres, Reino Unido

GÜELCOME, group exhibition,TOBE Gallery, November 24 – January 6


2018 photography book: ”contemplar”

Mecànic photography center, self-published books week end

2019 TOBE gallery, Measures of emotional time

20192020 Group exhibition,Touch wood, Stadtgalerie, Klagenfurt, Austria September 6th, January 5th